Beer Kits

For only $99 you can pick up a Coopers DIY beer kit...which includes your first beer!!!  We have a wide variety of beer to choose from for you to craft your own beer at or stop by for help on how to start brewing your own beer at a great price!!

Coopers Beer Kit





Wine All Gone?

Empty Wine Bottle


The holidays are all behind us and guess what? Those fine relatives and friends you had over enjoyed all the great wine you made!!  Come on in and put on a batch or two to start off the New Year because remember...Easter will be here sooner than you think.

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Take Part in our Referral Program and Save!!!

Bring in a friend, and both you and your friend each get $20 off your wine kits when you make your wine at Complete Home Brewing!!!!

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There is no limit to this program.  Every time you bring in a new customer and you make a batch of wine, you get $20 off...EVERY TIME!!!  The new customer will also benefit by getting $20 off their batch, plus they can bring in a new customer next time and get the same savings. Our business has been built on referrals, and this is our way of saying....Thanks.